• Dr. Rinku Mukeshbhai Darji Assistant Professor, Shree P. M. Patel P.G.Institute of Law and Human Right, Anand, Gujarat, India.


Domestic Violence, Women, Impact of COVID-19, Domestic Violence Act, 2005, IPC


For generations, males have used their entitlement to violence against women with impunity, justifying it as vital for women's "well-being." Domestic abuse in India is shrouded in shame and silence. It encompasses all forms of violence perpetrated against a person by a biological related, but is most frequently used to refer to violence perpetrated against a woman by male members of her family or relations. Females are socialised in such a way that they internalise the notion of reliance, which results in marital violence; the husband perceives his wife as subordinates and begins controlling them. This sort of indoctrination is directly accountable for women's misery. Domestic violence is constantly mentioned in relation to women. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes worldwide, affecting both men and women equally. Domestic violence has a detrimental effect on not only an individual's life but also on the lives of their innocent children; it makes no difference whether the violence is directed at a male or female; violence is violence, and as such, the law must be strict for both genders, not just men; anyone who commits this heinous crime must be punished.


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