• Anjana M. Assistant Professor, Dept. of AgadTantra, Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Palakkad
  • P. A. Aboobaker Guide, Associate Professor, Dept.of AgadTantra, V P S V Āyurveda College, Kottakkal
  • Ramadasan Kuttan Co-guide, Research Director, Amala Cancer Research Centre, Trissur


Viper snake venom, Cisplatin, Nimbapatra Agada, Hemotoxicity


In  the ecology of Kerala, vipers dominate over all the species of poisonous snakes. Viper venom has more hemotoxic contents. Nimbapatra Agada (Neem leaf paste and milk in ratio 1:5)  mentioned in viavaidya jyotsnika- maṇḍali viṣa sāmānya cikitsa prakaraa in hematemesis due to viper envenomation. Traditional via vaidyās in Kerala practicing this formulation in bleeding conditions due to viper bite. Cisplatin, a potent chemotherapeutic drug causing myelosuppression (hemotoxicity) nephrotoxicity and oxidative stress. If the efficacy of Agada proven by reverse pharmacology, it can be used in chemotherapy induced toxicity. So an experimental study has been planned to prove the efficacy of Nimbapatra Agada in Cisplatin induced Hemotoxicity.


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