• Dr. RIDDHI B. SOMMANEK LL.M. Ph.D., Adhyapak Sahayak, Smt. S. S. Ajmera Law College, Gondal


Domestic Violence, Law, Legal, Women


Domestic violence is a terrible fact of life in Indian society. Abuse of women has become normal in the patriarchal Indian culture. There are a variety of reasons why domestic violence occurs. Domestic violence against women is a result of the patriarchal system, gender stereotyping, and the distribution of power, actual or perceived, in society, according to feminists. Domestic violence against women is an example of how she is systematically denied of her basic human rights within the four walls of her shared family. This study aims to demonstrate the simple and cost-effective procedural mechanisms available under this statute, as well as to introduce our readers to figures indicating an increase in domestic violence against women. All of these figures should serve as a wake-up call to legislators and members of civil society to speak out against gender bias.


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