Xavier Álvarez, Miguel Valenzuela, Jaume Tuffet


Androgenetic alopecia has become a more common condition in society, affecting both genders. It is a disorder of multifactorial origin, with therapeutic options both in the rise and under development. Known options include the procedures of regenerative medicine with promising results. This paper assesses clinical and histological changes in patients with AGA after applying an autologous cellular suspension obtained using the Rigenera® system. After applying treatment, an increase in the mean of hair thickness, together with reduction of its loss, have been objectified; the level of satisfaction described by patients is worth noting. Based on the results, the improvement of AGA obtained with the Rigenera system is objective; these results need to be completed with data from future studies after using this promising technique.


Alopecia. Regenerative medicine, AGA, Rigenera

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