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Here the researcher endeavored to discover the significance of intrinsic motivation in comparison to the extrinsic motivation. The present industrial environment is highly competitive and in that circumstances, majority of the organization keep on conducting various types of research to get the maximum efficiency from the employees. Motivation is one of the factors to get the expected efficiency from employee. In the line of traditional thought we understand that the extrinsic motivation i.e. monetary reward or any other materialistic rewards will inspire the employee to produce best possible result but modern researchers believe that extrinsic rewards have brief impact to keep the spirit. In any case, regular imply of the intrinsic motivation such as recognition, achievement and many more will have a long-term effect. By considering that researcher has likewise tried to understand that actuality of the thought of modern researcher.


Motivation, Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Achievement, Recognition, Monitory, Materialistic and Reward.

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