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The amount of construction waste has been dramatically increased in the last decade, and social and environmental concerns on the recycling of the waste have consequently been increased. Waste concrete is particularly crucial among the construction wastes. Recent technology has also improved the recycling process. In this rapid industrialized world, recycling construction material plays an important role to preserve the natural resources. This study aims to evaluate physical properties of concrete using recycled coarse aggregate. In this research concrete waste is from the demolished structure has been collected and coarse aggregate of fully replaced and used for preparing fresh concrete. Many researchers state that recycled aggregates are only suitable for non-structural concrete application. This research, however, shows that the recycled aggregates that are obtained from concrete specimen make good quality concrete. The compressive strength of recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) is found to be higher than the compressive strength of normal concrete when used up to a certain percentage. Many studies show that recycled aggregate concrete is in close proximity to normal concrete in terms of split tensile strength. The slump of recycled aggregate concrete is more than the normal concrete. At the end it can be said that the RCA can be used for obtaining good quality concrete.


Aggregate, Recycled coarse aggregate, Natural coarse aggregate, physical properties of concrete

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