Mamedli S. A., Faradjov M. F., Muslimova Z. X., Nurubeyli T. K.


The data of the content of heavy metals and radionuclides were studied by mass spectroscopy and radio spectrometry in the water and in the bottom sediments of the Araz River in the villages of Bajiravan, Karavelli, Karalar and Otuzikiler of the Imishli region of the Azerbaijan Republic. The ecological state of arable soils, pastures and agricultural plants grown in these places has been studied. An increased content of molybdenum, copper, manganese and other metals in soil and water samples was revealed. The morphological and biochemical indices in some agricultural plants grown in these places were studied.


heavy metals, radionuclides, pollution, bottom sediments, arable soils, mass spectrometry, ISP - MS, radio spectrometry

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