Khadiga Ahmed Ismail, Mawaddah Ahmed Jastaniyyah, Nouf Ahmed Al-Nemari, Haifa Mohammad Al-Ghamdi, Reem Abdullah Al-Hamed


Gingivitis affects an estimated 80% of the population, most periodontal disease arises from or is aggravated by accumulation of plaque, and periodontitis is associated particularly with anaerobes such as Bacteroides. Calculus (tartar) may form calcification of plaque above or below the gum line, and the plaque that collects on calculus exacerbates the inflammation. The inflammatory reaction is associated with progressive loss of periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.T.tenax is a widespread flagellated protozoan that inhabits the human oral cavity in and around diseased teeth and gums The role of Trichomonas tenax as a pathogen had been clearly implicated in various pathological processes that arise outside the boundaries of the mouth. Although a relationship between the increased occurrence of this protozoan and progression of periodontal disease has been demonstrated so the present study aimed to estimate the occurrence of T.tenax in individuals having oral infections calculi samples were collected from 58 patients who were diagnosed as having periodontitis and/or gingivitis , then were subjected to direct smear examination. The results showed that the positivity rate of T. tenax is 13%

Conclusions: This result support the association between T. tenax  infection and bad oral hygeine and suggest the usefulness of elimination of this protozoa to achieve radical cure of gingivitis and periodontitis


Trichomonas tenax, periodontitis, gingivitis

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