Rupam Ojha, Dr. Ashu Bhojwani


In the current scenario, mutual funds are attaining immense popularity and drawing the attention of investors at large to invest in various securities through the expertise and knowledge of qualified professionals. Mutual funds are key contributors to the globalization of financial markets and one of the main sources of capital flows to emerging economies. Despite of their importance in emerging markets, little is known about their investment allocation and strategies. The Mutual fund industry in India is more than five decades old. In 1964 the first asset management company (AMC) was established in India: Unit Trust of India (UTI). Unit Scheme 1964 (US-64) was the first scheme launched by UTI in 1964 followed by Mastershare in 1986. As the mutual fund industry gained momentum, the Indian market witnessed the setting up of many public sector mutual funds from 1987. The objective of this study is to analyse the performance of growth oriented equity mutual funds of India


Growth, Mutual Funds, Investor, AMC, Securities

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