Kundan A. Brahmaniya, Dr. Chinmayee J Bhatt


The education in commerce stream has been enormously influencing the growing phenomenon of liberalization, globalization and privatization. As one of the key contributors to the monetary growth of the nation Education system of India is often cited. Per annum, the higher education size of India is about $40 Billion. Business Education in India, is very significant measure of education in commerce education. Rather than the other disciplines, it is an active discipline and it is completely different. For successful handing of commerce, trade and industry commerce is an area of education which generates the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. The input that enables to meet the requirements of present day stiff struggle business environment is provided by commerce education. The input that enables to meet the requirements of present day stiff struggle business environment is provided by commerce education. In providing right path of action for their growth and survival commerce education helps the students or scholars. To the growing acceptance as a developments of skills, source of awareness, creativity and prosperity which are essential preconditions of economic prosperity of any country the level of speed at which commerce education is currently expanding in this area is in itself a testimony


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