Dr. Devendrasinh Dalpatsinh Zala


In reality, non-resident Indians are our nation's wealth and the power of Gujarat. Since independence, the number of people moving abroad for jobs in search of better opportunities has seen a significant rise. In every aspect of Gujarat's economy and culture, the presence of this migration is felt. There is a link between the stability and economic development of the state and remittances from non-resident Guajarati. The cash remittances received by Gujarat households from overseas showed tremendous growth during the first decade of the 21st century. The contributions to our national and state economy from the NRIs and their funding are very strong. Remittances from Gujarat's NRIs have emerged as the most complex single factor that contributes to the state's economy. This analysis is exploratory in nature and is intended to gain new insights into the "NRI investment behaviour of selected districts of Gujarat state, India." Experts, analysts and other influential personalities with years of experience in the fields of investment and finance, fund management and banking will address various issues related to key aspects of the study in depth in order to provide an idea about the subject before collecting the details. For the formulation of a structure for this analysis, the knowledge and ideas collected from discussions will be used.


NRI, Gujarat, investment, India

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