Md Mehedi Hasan, Md Hasibul Hassan


With   an   increasing   number   of   security   threats, various  measures  have  been  taken  to  prevent  those  malicious events  from  happening  furthermore. Several  security  risks  in the  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  have  been  identified,  assessed,  and addressed  as  well.  However,  yet  we  are  unable  to  prevent  the distributed  denial  of  service  (DDoS)  attacks  on  this  aspect  that, in turn, may hamper the production or other smart features built on  top  of  IoT.  Internet of Thing is a network paradigm which connects things (e.g., Smart Phones, Smart TV, Home Appliance, Cars, etc.) to the Internet. Therefore, in this paper, we present three-layer  approach  utilizing  honey pot  and  demilitarized  zone rules  to  mitigate  the  devastating  consequences  caused  by  DDoS in  the  cloud-IoT ecosystem. We have developed a framework and rule-based system to protect the internal/external network. In addition, the system can evaluate better outcome by enforcing modified rules in layers in case of DDoS attack.  The  simulation result,  along  with  the  packet  analysis,  reveals  that  the  layering of rule-based systems shows better result as we are only able to mitigate  the  threat


IoT security, honey pot, DDoS attack, cloud

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