Dr. Devendrasinh Dalpatsinh Zala


The banking sector in India has a very big canvas of history. Private banking was started since starting of banking system in India. New private sector banks is one of the fastest growing sector in India. They promoted a world class institution in India having latest technology, new system, new standards of service and efficiency. The PSB have been the dominant role in the country’s financial system. Efficiency and profitability of the banking sector in India has assumed primal importance due to intense competition, greater customer demands and changing banking reforms. This study attempts primarily to measure the profitability of selected leading private banks of India. Profitability performance of these banks have been analysed for the period 2012-13 to 2016-17. Analyse the ratio here used financial ratio analysis (FRA) method which help to draw an overview about financial performance of private sector banks. This article provides important seed of knowledge and is very useful for bankers and new researchers.


Private Sector Banks, Profitability, India, Ratio Analysis

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