Kun Qian, Baoyuan Kang, YanBao Han


With the introduction of smart grid technology as the next generation of power grid, the monitoring of power system is facing new challenges. Smart grid technology improves the reliability, security and efficiency of the grid, but due to its reliance on communication technology, protecting the data transmitted over the public communication network has always been a huge challenge. To solve this security problem, different authentication schemes have been proposed. However, most of them are still plagued by privacy or performance issues. This paper presents a lightweight security authentication scheme for smart grid communication, which enables smart meters and service providers in smart grid to authenticate each other and establish Shared session keys. Compared with the existing smart grid authentication scheme, the fast mutual authentication between smart meters and service providers is realized, and the traceability of smart meters is guaranteed and the performance of the scheme is improved.


smart grid; mutual authentication; key agreement

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