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The long axis of a tooth is defined as the geometric axis that passes longitudinally through the tooth and through the center of the tooth, which is one of the most important reference elements for dental analysis and treatment. In the preoperative planning of dental implants, doctors usually examine the axes of adjacent teeth and occlusal axes of missing teeth. When orthognathic surgery is used to treat dental deformities, it is necessary to consider the intersection angle of upper and lower occlusal axes, so as to improve the performance and aesthetics of the masticatory system. However, the traditional method of determining the long axis of teeth depends too much on the experience of doctors, and its efficiency is inefficient and its accuracy is not guaranteed, which often affects the effect of dental treatment. Digital determination of dental long axis technology provides great possibility and convenience to improve the safety of treatment and accelerate postoperative recovery. With the popularity of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), we can accurately calculate the long axis of teeth through the three-dimensional display of teeth and periodontal tissue. In this paper, the key technologies of tooth long axis calculation are introduced in detail.


Long axis of teeth; CBCT; Dental Sciences.

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