Rohitkumar Pashabhai Barot, Dr. K. B. Rao


Indian pharmaceutical industry played a key role in promoting and sustaining the production of medicines in the critical sector. Financial analysts also analyze the output of production and productivity, profitability performance, liquidity performance, leverage performance, performance of asset utilization, and performance of development. The financial performance review determines the firm's financial strengths and weaknesses by properly defining relationships between balance sheet products to account for profit and loss. Thus, the present paper is critical in assessing the company's liquidity, productivity, leverage, asset usage, and growth indicators that the business is conducted in a fair and reasonable manner; ensuring adequate returns to shareholders to retain at least their market value. Researcher has undertaken an analysis of pharmaceutical companies ' financial performance in this context to understand how finance management plays a crucial role in the growth. This research essentially aims to assess the pharmaceutical industry's financial results by taking top companies such as Cadila Healthcare Ltd. For the period 2015-16 to 2019-20 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited for the research. In order to achieve targets I have calculated the liquidity and productivity ratios in this paper. It is noticed from the analysis that Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited exhibits a high role of productivity and liquidity than Cadila Healthcare Ltd.


Pharmacy sector in India; Profitability; Liquidity; Consistency.

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