Dr. R. K. Nayak


Instruction should not focus on transmitting plans to the learner but rather on developing the skills of the learner to construct (or reconstruct) plans in response to situational demands and opportunities. Plans must be constructed, tested, and revised as a function of the particular encounters in the environment. I conducted a case study to help a group of class 10 students solve a variety of trigonometric equations using iterative inquiry approach. I found this method effective.  Students were given a base trigonometric equation to solve. They were guided to visualize a series of problems through the base problem. Students could see the internal structure and pattern in different problems; they could relate to the base problem. They could display cognitive flexibility through multiple representations. They were encouraged to form new trigonometric equations by modifying base problem. This way they could discover lot of similarity amongst the variety of trigonometric equations given in their textbook.


multiple representations, cognitive flexibility, iterative inquiry approach

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