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Engineering techniques used to evaluate strain-stress fields are useful tools in the study of biomechanical applications. These experimental and numerical engineering tools were imported to dental biomechanics. The success or failure of an implant is determined by the manner how the stresses at the bone-implant interface are transferred to the surrounding bones . The mandible has structural characteristic of an outer layer of dense cortical bone and an inner layer of porous cancellous bone. The elastic modulus and mechanical properties of cortical bones are different from those of cancellous bones. Cortical bone, which has a higher modulus, higher strength and more resistance to deformation than cancellous bone,can bear more loading in masticatory movements. The greater the bone‐implant contact surface, the more force  is distributed to surrounding bone.  Adequate bone quality and good stress distribution on the bone are the main factors ensure implant success. Placing of implants in bone with greater cortical bone thickness and higher density of the core will result in less micro-movement and reduce the stress concentration  thus  increase the implant stabilization and tissue integration.

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