Dr. Prachi Motilal Asnani, Dr. Anupkumar Panda, Dr. Rutvi Patel, Dr. Niyati Mehta


Diet provides the food components that are converted into health and life sustaining nutrients by metabolic processes. Foods affect body’s biochemistry by influencing the food factors that can make some children very sensitive to foods and chemicals. Food intolerance can cause a variety of problems including hyperactivity, co-ordinated issues, emotional instability and short attention span. These children are at increased risk of behavioural issues and oral diseases. Children have specific dietary needs based on their unique biochemistry, health history and genetics. There is growing need to customize diet and nutrition to prevent these children from behavioural changes as well as oral diseases. The clinical application of diet and nutrition intervention that is customised to the unique need of children. Implementation of these recommendations can assist the paediatric dental team as they join paediatric nutritionists in delivering the best possible care.


Nutrition, Diet, Bio-individual diet

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