Chetan M. Joshi, Abhishek S. Johare, Kakasaheb S. Kanhere, Vijay S. Pawar, Prof. Ravindra L. Karwande


A cooling tower is an enclosed device for the evaporative cooling of water by contact with the air. Cooling tower is a heat rejection device. Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in Steel plants, Oil refineries, Petrochemical, Chemical plants, Thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings. The efficiency and the effectiveness of cooling tower is depend on number of parameter like inlet air angle, inlet and outlet temperature of air and water, inlet air rate, water flow rate, fill materials, fan speed etc. Every industry has its own aim to minimizing the losses in every equipment running within it and how to improve growth rate. The Steel producing plant have its own method to cool the hot water. Hence this paper studied about Induced draft cross flow cooling tower. This work represents a case study which is carried out at Steel producing plant to increase the plant efficiency by analyzing and minimizing the losses occurs in cooling tower.


Cooling Tower, Optimization of Flow, Cross Flow Cooling Tower, L/G Ratio

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