Dr. B. M. Raja Sekhar, Dr. Nalla Bala Kalyan


The case examines in detail the changing dynamics in the Indian retailing industry in this 21st century, driven by the growth of organized retailing sector and increased personal consumption of customers on account of increased exposure to foreign goods and growth in nuclear families and rising incomes.  The article focuses on retailing formats in India. Retail revolt is extensive throughout India. Organized retailing has grown with growth of supermarket, malls, multiplexes, and hypermarkets, the consumer is being revealed to a new kind of shopping knowledge and services which is gently and surely redefining customer expectations from shopping. The purpose of this paper is to study the retail industry in India. Hypermarket retail industry was considered more vivacious than ever because of the industrialization, macroeconomic performance of the country and need of organized retail segment. Due to modernization and technological growth there was growth in personal disposable income in the last 15 years which made it necessary to have giant retail story where everything is easily accessible.


Brand Awareness, Big Bazaar, Hypermarket, Retail Industry.

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