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With the development of economy, people's focus on oral medicine has changed from solving diseases to improving people's quality of life. For example, patients are no longer satisfied with the restoration of basic chewing functions, but pay more attention to the beauty and appearance of their restored teeth. However, aesthetics is highly subjective, and the traditional method of making restorations is inefficient and cumbersome, which can no longer meet the needs. The application of digital technology provides great possibility and convenience for the realization of patients' personalized requirements. In the field of stomatology, people have higher and higher requirements for digital technology. In the field of dental aesthetic restoration, the two-dimensional pictures of beautiful teeth made by DSD (Digital Smile Designer, Digital Smile design) can preview the effect of dental beautification to patients, which is an important medium for doctor-patient communication. Among them, the data display and simulation effect with higher requirements is one of the key studies at present. This paper will introduce in detail the key techniques and applications of the oral prosthesis system.


Digital technology; Oral repair system; Oral medicine; DSD.

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