Kirupavathy K., Dr. T. S. Reena Ruby


This study examined the attitude among the student nurses towards breast cancer in and around dindigul district. A structured questionnaire contains 28 items were distributed among 360 samples in the techniques of simple random sampling. Such the study gathered enough data to examine the attitude among the student nurses on breast cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. Both ANM & GNM students are taken for this present study. The study exposed that the majority of the student nurse especially GNM are highly know ledged and having good attitude about the breast cancer and its risk factors, but the study also revealed that a only rare number of the student nurse are not aware about the problems. The study also helped the investigators to promote awareness, prevalence and prevention of the breast cancer. The student nurses possess adequate knowledge about breast cancer but they need more information on breast cancer and its risk towards women’s health. This paper pursues student nurses attitude towards breast cancer awareness in and around dindigul district.


Student Nurse, Attitude And Breast Cancer

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