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As the popularity of photo taking devices leads to more and more pictures being stored by everyone, various ways of describing pictures, especially in terms of aesthetic quality evaluation, have attracted great attention in the past decade or so. The purpose of the research on image aesthetic quality is to enable the computer to simulate human thinking and aesthetics to judge the aesthetic value of a picture, so as to output score or text description. From the level of art, image aesthetics is a subject that shows natural aesthetics through the integration of various photographic skills such as color collocation, depth of field processing and composition design. The research involves computer vision, psychology, text description, cognitive science and other aspects, there is a phenomenon of interdisciplinary research, has important research significance. Therefore, we will systematically analyze and summarize the research status of image aesthetic quality, and give Suggestions on the development of image aesthetic quality research.


aesthetic quality evaluation; Research on image aesthetic quality; Computer vision

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