Betül KOÇ, Şeyma ŞENGÜR, Pervin YEŞİL


The open green areas in the cities have positive effects on people. People want to be away from the stress of the day, to be in nature to feel better. It has been seen that people who live with nature are healthier and more positive than other people. People have always been in searched for their health since the past. They understood that high motivation is important to be healthy. Healing gardens are needed in areas requiring special care, such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, so that both employees and patients feel happy and that they are healthier individuals. In fact, in the past, healing gardens have been importance besides medical treatments. The healing gardens, which have begun to lose their importance along with the increasing population, have been come again in the 1990s. In this study, the application principles of the improvement gardens, the Atasev Special Education and Rehabilitation Center in Giresun city center, Giresun Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center, Giresun Community Mental Health Center, İlhan Özdemir State Hospital recommendations are presented.


Healing Gardens, hospital gardens, Giresun.

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